• Living with Type 1 Diabetes means that I have to closely watch my carbohydrate intake, and it’s easier to do this by eating low-carb foods that make the math easier. Since I don’t want to give up on some of the finer things in life – like waffles – I spent some time formulating a decent substitute for carb-heavy grain-based waffles. This lets me have a fairly large breakfast of applesauce, yogurt, and definitely-not-maple (but passable) syrup and still keep things under 45g of carbs.

  • Tor's Hard Cider Recipe

    A very easy recipe for hard cider.

    I’ve had enough people ask about a simple cider recipe that I decided to post it here. This recipe originates from my friend Tor, and is definitely not the finest of brews, but it’s one heck of a strong cider. So-called “real” brewers may scoff at the idea of using bread yeast, but keep in mind that things (flavor in particular) work differently with cider than beer or wine, and don’t knock it until you taste it.

  • Sassafras is the “root” in root beer. However, in the mid-60’s, the FDA discovered that a chemical in sassafras called safrole caused cancer in rats, and proceded to ban its sale for edible uses. This sent the root beer industry into a frenzy trying to find a replacement flavor (they eventually came up with something that’s a combination of licorice root – that’s not anise, and doesn’t taste like it – and wintergreen).