I plan to eventually write about a bunch of these topics individually. Until then, here is my collection of links to a number of diabetes-releated topics that I have found especially helpful.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes means that I have to closely watch my carbohydrate intake, and it’s easier to do this by eating low-carb foods that make the math easier. Since I don’t want to give up on some of the finer things in life – like waffles – I spent some time formulating a decent substitute for carb-heavy grain-based waffles. This lets me have a fairly large breakfast of applesauce, yogurt, and definitely-not-maple (but passable) syrup and still keep things under 45g of carbs.

Who am I? My name is Chris Petersen. I graduated from the stereotypical social awkwardness a long time ago and now focus my attention on things that a lot of us recovering nerds enjoy: family, food, friends, beer, and a little smattering of technology (I can’t stray too far from my roots). That said, I’m still a total geek, in both the old nerdy definition as well as the newer “cool” meaning.