• Diabetes Mellitus is a 500 year old term that describes the sweet-smelling urine of people whose bodies have stopped being able to regulate blood sugar properly.

    We now know that it refers to a family of different (and largely unrelated) diseases that all have the same symptoms before doctors can determine what has caused them. People – even doctors – still have trouble understanding the differences between these diseases, so I tried to come up with a simple and (hopefully) humerous analogy by thinking of each disease as a problem with your car.

  • This page is sort of a living document about my research into the naming history of autoimmune diabetes mellitus, more commonly known as Type 1 Diabetes. There are obviously a lot of missing sections but I’ve been promising to get this posted for several years and I figure this is the best way to encourage myself to finish. Diabetes Mellitus The name “Diabetes Mellitus” dates back roughly 500 years, and awarness of the disease by other names (e.

  • Photos like this one are fairly common in Type 1 Diabetes forums, usually accompanied by a comment like “DKA sucks!”, making light of the extremely unpleasant and occasionally deadly Diabetic Ketoacidosis. I decided to post a similar photo but with a positive story behind it. So this is me, sitting in a hospital bed in the research wing of a local hospital while they spent several hours measuring how my body reacts when I drink a high carb/protein shake and don’t take insulin for it.